Musings and snapshots...

She’s so sad that we’re packing!!
Selfie with the baby

Every morning, before leaving the house, I look around and take inventory of all the things that need attention…

Grocery shopping
Pool cleaning
Deck power washing

And my thought is always “Why can’t I just stay home and handle this?” - in my waking hours, I am desperate to be a housewife.

Catching up on Jersey Belle.

So much of my life.

My favorite part of watching Downton Abbey is hearing the VO during the credits tell me what is coming on next and later. It just gives me a crazy feeling of being home. 

I think I’m destined to return to London one day. 

Breaking news

I woke up early to work out before tailgating today.

1 week til the keys y’all!!

Yesterday I went shopping at Charlotte Russe, Sephora and Victoria’s Secret while I had my (first) Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I have never been more basic.

I *heart* EDSBS

Sassy customers are trying me.